who we are

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Hello Beautiful, 

Skincare to me is not just about what you see on the outside. I believe beauty comes from within and empowering women to love what they have is my lifelong mission. We are all unique and are not meant to look like anyone else but ourselves. Maintaining healthy skin allows us to age gracefully and feel confident in who we are. A brow wax is not meant to change you, it is meant to enhance what God gave you.     

I have been around this industry since I was a little girl. Helping my mom in her salon began a life long path of helping others. Becoming an Aesthetician was very natural to me as I am passionate about EVERYTHING skin. Over the past 11 years I have worked in elite spas in Brentwood, Franklin and College Grove. Surrounding myself with educated and knowledgable friends and co-workers has been an invaluable asset in my aesthetics career.

Healthy skin care is of the upmost importance when taking care of your skin. What you put on your body matters and that is why anything you put on your body at elia is toxin free! The list of ingredients we refuse to use is extensive for your benefit. We want to make healthy choices available to everyone. So, we have a variety of options to fit your budget. Not only does our skincare have to be healthy but it also has to work! You know that anytime you pick something up at elia it has been put to the test by our staff and will only be recommended if we would use it ourselves!

LOCAL -- we LOVE LOVE LOVE supporting other local businesses. Everything in elia is from Middle Tennessee.  

We love to educate and empower! There is a reason behind maintaining a healthy skincare routine and we want to share that with you. When you can make an informed decision we believe you have become empowered. You can then turn around and share what you learned to help a friend. Check out our classes under services to find out more. I have a feeling you will want to join in on the fun!

And don't think we forgot about you men! We love when men step up and begin to take care of their skin. We have a special line just for you out of Franklin called Olivina! Everything from Razors, Beard Oil, Hand Rescue, All in One Wash and Deodorant! I promise you that when you take the leap and get a facial for the first time you will secretly step away from your next board meeting to escape for an hour of relaxation!

Well, thanks so much for learning a little bit about who we are, what we do and what we believe at elia. Our staff can't wait to meet you and take care of you! When you come to visit make sure you have some extra time to grab a cup of coffee and walk around the beautiful Square in Columbia and pop in a few shops!